Back in 2009 Justin Bubb, Luke Saturno and Paul Saturno knew they were onto something. Justin had spent almost a decade in Italy leading the transformation of the winemaking at famed winery, Castello Di Gabbiano. Meanwhile Luke had spent three years in London working in various senior International wine sales and marketing roles. Best mates since school, they had seen enough in their time in Europe to see an opportunity. To bring great quality Italian wines (at a good price) back to Australia.

The reasons were simple, they knew there was a lot of great quality Italian wine, but little of it was reaching Australia. Most Italian wine was going to other bigger markets, leaving Australia with a limited and often inferior representation of what Italian wine had to offer.

Luke and Paul as a third generation Sicilian’s, were frustrated that good value Italian wines were hard to come by in Australia. Justin, having decided to return to Australia with Anna his new wife, wanted to maintain his deep connection with his adopted country.So they sketched out very briefly what they wanted to do:

* They wanted to produce great value Italian wines, so more Australians could fall in love with Italian wine like they had

* They wanted their wines to be approachable and stylistically represent the regions they loved

* They wanted to shake any stuffy or old-fashioned stereotypes of Italian wine by offering contemporary wines styles that suited the wine savvy palates of Australia.

* They wanted to bring a little of Australian simplicity to the branding of their wine labels, ensuring that the wines were easy and clear to understand.

Thinking of a name for their new venture, something simple and easy to remember that was in keeping with their philosophy they turned to the Italian nickname of a tool that helps measure sugar in grapes.

BABO was born.